Got 2 hours to spare? Why not learn IBM Bluemix & unlock your key to innovation!!

Got 2 hours to spare? Why not learn IBM Bluemix & unlock your key to innovation!!
In case you hadn’t seen already, Wholeschool announced a new IBM Bluemix course on Pluralsight. I’d been meaning to take this class for the last week but just got around to recently. Having just spent the last two hours going through the online material, I felt inspired to write this blog post!! The course is excellent – read on 🙂

To take the course, you can sign up for a free trial account on Pluralsight. A trial account entitles you to 10 days access or 200 minutes of content on Plurasight. The Wholeschool Bluemix course comes in at around 140 minutes altogether so the trial account is all you’ll need to get moving and complete the content 🙂 Of course, there’s also great value in maintaining an account on Pluralsight after completing this course.

The course covers the following topics;

  • Getting Started with Bluemix
  • Configuring Your Bluemix Application Environment
  • Building Your Application: Workflows
  • Building Your Application: Node.js Client
  • Enhancing Your Application with Social Media

Steven Knox is in the driving seat and leads you through the course content in great detail. The content is thorough, accurate and relevant. Steven does an excellent job sharing his Bluemix expertise. I’m a Certified Cloud Application Developer myself and even I learned a thing or two about the Bluemix platform having taken this course 😉

All in all – I’d absolutely recommend folks that are new to the Bluemix platform to take this course. I’d even recommend those that are familiar with IBM Bluemix and know their way around to go through the content as a reminder of the breadth of capabilities available on IBM’s digital innovation platform.

Great work Steven Knox & Wholeschool for producing and delivering this material. I’ll be sure to share with my IBM Bluemix clients in the coming weeks and months!!


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